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We offer children a preschool experience that will prepare them not only for kindergarten, but for life.

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We have a well rounded program that includes music and gym.  All included in the same low price.

Our GoalSocial-Emotional DevelopmentCognitive DevelopmentReadingMathScienceSecurity
Living Hope Preschool’s goal is to help children become independent, self-confident, enthusiastic, and inquisitive learners. They are encouraged to think for themselves, make decisions, develop problem-solving skills, and communicate their ideas.

Teachers organize and structure the environment to support specific educational goals. Children do not spend all day in structured activities and drill and practice. They do not sit at a table all day doing worksheets. Instead, each child will be provided a solid foundation for academics by emphasizing concepts and process, along with the active manipulation of relevant concrete materials and interactive experiences. Children need to get their hands on stuff and manipulate it themselves. They need to see it, touch it, smell it, taste it, hear it, and feel it. Children are motivated to learn by their desire to make sense of their world. For children to understand and remember what they have learned, it must be meaningful and interesting to them.

Open-ended activities foster creativity, risk taking, and trying out new ideas. Children must be allowed to be in control and to make choices. The teacher prepares the environment so it provides stimulating, challenging activities. They are constantly adding additional challenges to push children’s thinking.

To be successful in school and in life, children must be able to express and control their feelings, they must be able to exert self-control when frustrated and be able to listen, follow directions, share, take turns, carry out basic routines without supervision, and be able to read non-verbal cues such as the sound in a teacher or child’s voice or the look on their face in conjunction with what is being said. Children must learn to advocate for themselves, putting feelings into words and using language to discuss activities, events and feelings.

We feel this is very important and is something we work on everyday. Children gain confidence and self esteem as they become more independent. Social emotional competencies such as sensitivity to the feelings of others, kindness, patience, and cooperation are achieved through interactions with other children, teachers, and the environment.

Cognitive development not only includes the three R’s—Reading, wRiting, aRithmatic—but helping children learn how to learn by solving problems, asking questions, and using words to describe their ideas, observations, and feelings.

This is the area that gets the most interest from an academic perspective, but the development of the other areas is just as important if not more important for young children. Once a child gets to Kindergarten and beyond, the cognitive area is basically the only area that is focused on in school. If they do not develop socially-emotionally, and physically in preschool or at home, school can be very difficult for a child no matter how smart they are.

Reading is a part of a complex continuum that begins with baby talk and scribbles and culminates in a child with a rich vocabulary and knowledge of the world. Parents, children, and teachers feel the most pressure on making sure a child is reading when they go to kindergarten.

CBP focuses on reading readiness. This provides children with the foundation, skills, and attitude they need to be successful readers in the future. There are many, many skills needed before a child is ready to read. These are the skills we focus on daily. Many of our children are already reading, many will be reading before they leave, but all will leave here being ready to read.

Mathematics challenges children to explore ideas about patterns and relationships, order and predictability, logic and meaning. Children learn to organize their world by recognizing patterns and, gradually, use patterns as a strategy for problem solving, forming generalizations and developing concepts of number, operation, shape, and space. Math is a continuous process, and children move from concrete experiences to visual, symbol, and, finally, abstract activities.

Young children are natural scientists. Science taps into the natural curiosity children have about the world around them. Through science, children learn to observe, question, explore, experiment, predict, and solve problems. Science is the process of finding out about the world, asking questions, and learning to solve problems.

Our weekday preschool is located in a 7,500 square foot education building that includes eight classrooms and one multi-purpose room.  Our facility was built in the spring of 2012 and we recently added surveillance cameras to the building in August of 2014.  Also, our playground area for the children was recently upgraded.  Security is a priority for all the children who enroll in our program and we often evaluate our facilities to ensure the safety of each child.

What will my child learn in preschool?

This is the question most often asked by parents of young children. Research has shown that young children learn best through active, hands-on experiences. In other words, children learn by doing. Play provides the foundation for academic learning. Children learn through the different centers in the classroom, and are encouraged to design, build, investigate, discover, and learn new ideas. They develop independence, initiative, and decision-making skills, as well as, language and social skills by interacting with other children.

Monthly Tuition: Convenient & Affordable


4 Year Old 3 Year Old 2 Year Old
4 Days (Tu-Fri) $300
$303 (online)
$318 (online)
$338 (online)
3 Days (T, W, Th) - $265
$268 (online)
2 Days (Tu/Th or W/F) - - $230
$233 (online)

School Hours: 9am - 1pm

Registration Fee: $125

Convenience Fee: $3
Beginning February of 2020 a convenience fee of $3 will be added to online tuition payments.

Registration for the 2020-2021 school year begins on January 29th for the currently enrolled and opens to the public on the 31st at 9am.

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My daughter, attended Living Hope Preschool a few years ago and that is when I began to appreciate your style of teaching and management of your school. Once she started kindergarten at Elon Park, I began a long term substitute teaching position there where I saw many of her classmates from Living Hope.  All, and I mean all, of your students were not only ready and prepared for kindergarten academically but they were also leaders in their classes.

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